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Friday, December 31, 2010

From a Flight on Thursday, December 30, 2010...

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Note that the majority of photos were shot within the
northern and central portions of New Jersey,
and the remaining ones in eastern Pennsylvania

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above !!!

#1 - This first photo shows how a light covering
of snow makes for a landscape that really
stands out, as you will also see in
the remainder of the photos




#5 - Trenton-Robbinsville airport
in Robbinsville, NJ

#6 - Six Flags Great Adventure (looking east)
in Jackson, NJ

#7 - Housing development in Jackson, NJ

#8 - The streets in this community near
the Jersey Shore remain largely un-plowed,
even three days after the Blizzard of 2010

#9 - A marina inundated with snow
and locked in ice

#10 - One of the many fine restaurants near
the Jersey Shore looking so desolate
with a lack of watercraft that populate
the area in the warmer months

#11 - Looking south along the Jersey Shore
from atop Point Pleasant, NJ,

#12 - An icy Barnegat Bay, albeit only a thin,
broken layer exists over most of it

These next (2) photos were shot over
the Barnegat Bay near Mantaloking (looking east)




#15 - A vast housing development due south of
 Toms River with many streets plowed very poorly

#16 - Housing development near Willingboro, NJ

#17 - Willingboro's water tower, shot from
an altitude of just over 2,000 feet

#18 - New Rodgers road / Reed street Bridge over
the Delaware river in Bristol, PA / Burlington, NJ

#19 - Maple Beach area of Bristol, PA,
along the Delaware river

#20 - A clock tower poised high atop
a factory near Bristol, PA

#21 - A Levittown, PA, housing development,
with its perfectly aligned streets
and equally spaced apart homes

#22 - An unusually shaped structure
near Levittown, PA

#23 - Lambertville, NJ, looking across the
Delaware River at New Hope, PA

#24 - Notice the reflection of the clouds
on the still water of the Delaware River
while looking towards New Hope, PA

#25 - The Wesleyan Church's steeple in
Stockton, NJ, is made of metal

#26 - The Delaware river winding its way through
Bucks county PA and Hunterdon county NJ

#27 - A vast, lightly snow-covered
Bucks county PA landscape

#28 - Van Sant airport in Erwinna, PA,
with its two grass runways

#29 - Trees, Trees and more Trees,
in Bucks County PA

#30 - A country road winding through
Bucks county PA

#31 - A landscape that caught my eye as
offering much to examine and wonder
just what each snow-covered area of
this field represents, in Bucks County PA


Well, I hope you've enjoyed this LAST Flight of 2010....and a long one at that, offering lovely, snow-covered views that I really wanted to share with everyone.

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy & Healthy New Year !!!

See you after the next flight in 2011...