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Thursday, September 3, 2015

From a Flight on Sunday, August 30, 2015...

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Today's flight encompassed central New Jersey,
the Jersey Shore and a slight jut into
Pennsylvania at Langhorne and New Hope.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above


#1 - Liberty Village Premium Outlets,
the Black River and Western Railroad
and the village of Flemington, NJ

#2 - Liberty Village Premium Outlets
and the Black River and Western
Railroad in Flemington, NJ

#3 - Intersections of Route 31 and 202
(right traffic circle) along with Route 12
and local roads (left traffic circle)
in Flemington, NJ

#4 - Montgomery High School, north
of Princeton, NJ, has gone "green"
with an assortment of solar panels
on their property

#5 - Princeton University in
Princeton, NJ

#6 - Solar field adjacent to
Mercer County Community College
in West Windsor, NJ

#7 - The majority of roofs in this
industrial park in Robbinsville, NJ,
have solar panels covering them

#8 - Solar panels like the ones here
are on many distribution and
corporate buildings in New Jersey

#9 - This distribution center near
Robbinsville, NJ, is the exception,
with its white roof lacking any
solar panels

#10 - Six Flags Great Adventure (near)
and Hurricane Harbor water park (far)
in Jackson, NJ

#11 - On this hot, summer day,
the theme park was not very crowded
whereas the water park has almost
a full parking lot

#12 - Saw Mill Log Flume at
Great Adventure, continuously
operating since Great Adventure
opened in the early 1970's
The following (3) picture show
Great Adventure's lakefront area,
which is about to be transformed for
operating year 2016 by removing the
Grandstand by the Lake and
Fort Independence, the latter being
used for the Dolphin and High Diving
shows which were at one time
very popular.

#13 - Fort Independence (left) and
the Grand Stand by the Lake (right)
at the lower-center picture

#14 - Cloud formations reflecting
off of Spruce Run Reservoir

#15 - No, these are not a gazillion
white birds resting on the lake
adjacent to the former Grand Stand;
just the sun's reflection on
the lake's wavy surface

#16 - Monmouth Executive airport
(BLM) in Belmar/Farmingdale, NJ,
looking southeast

#17 - There's not many aircraft left
in the general aviation parking grid
at BLM these days

#18 - During this weekend, the
Collings Foundation had four
WW II aircraft on display at BLM

#19 - WW II aircraft at BLM from the
Collings Foundation were the
B-17 (left), B-24 Liberator (right),
P-51 Mustang (lower) and finally, the
B-25 (not pictured; probably giving rides)

#21 - Spring Lake Golf Club in
Spring Lake, NJ; note the Jersey Shore
at the upper-right of the picture

#22 - Spring Lake Golf Club
in Spring Lake, NJ

#23 - Manasquan Inlet between
Point Pleasant (left) and
Manasquan (right), NJ

#24 - Jenkinson's boardwalk at
Point Pleasant, NJ

#25 - F-Cove (upper-left) and
Traders Cove Marina and Park
(center) in Mantaloking, NJ

#26 - Traders Cove Marina and Park
in Mantaloking, NJ
#27 - Typical man-made reefs
populated with private residencies
along the Jersey Shore

#28 - Middle Sedge marsh and an
abandoned island home within the
Barnegat Bay near Ocean Beach, NJ

#29 - Abandoned island home near
Middle Sedge marsh in the
Barnegat Bay, NJ

#30 - Ortley Beach, NJ

#31 - A transformed Seaside Heights
after Hurricane Sandy and a fire
that completely destroyed the
Funtown Pier (right)

#32 - Seaside Heights, NJ, and
Casino Amusement Pier


#33 - Island Beach State Park
pavilions, the only area in the park
with comfort facilities and lifeguards

#34 - Island Beach State Park
looking north with Tice's Shoal,
a large gathering area for personal
watercraft, to the left

#35 - Island Beach State Park,
looking south towards the
Barnegat Inlet

#36 - Notice the multitude of black
dots populating the beach of
Island Beach State Park...
No, these are not sea creatures
but rather SUVs, where public
vehicular access is allowed


#37 - Goodluck Point marshland and
the many wooden poles that
populate this "no-man's-land" area
of Berkeley Township, NJ

#38 - Goodluck Point marshland
looking north over the Barnegat Bay
and Bay Bridge, carrying Route 37
from Toms River into Seaside Heights

#39 - Goodluck Point marshland
and a sailing ship with red sails

#40 - Reddish sails on this craft
really stands-out on the dark
waters of the Barnegat Bay

#41 - A busy Barnegat Bay,
looking north towards Bay Bridge
and Toms River, NJ

#42 - Bay Bridge and Pelican Island,
funneling vacationers into
Seaside Heights, NJ

#43 - The eastbound lanes of
Bay Bridge contain a drawbridge
whereas the westbound ones
were built later and are high
enough where one is not required

#44 - Island Heights area of
Toms River, NJ

#45 - Nelson Marine Basin
in Island Heights, NJ

#46 - Clay/Sand mines within the
New Jersey Pine Barrens, this one
just south of Whiting, NJ
The next (3) photos are of
Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA

#47 - Sesame Place's large parking
lot was rather full for a late
Sunday afternoon

#48 - A colorful array of rides and
attractions await the "little ones"
at Sesame Place

#49 - Sesame Place even has a
roller-coaster (middle-right)


#50 - Trap Rock Industries quarry
in Titusville, NJ, along the
Delaware River

#51 - Lambertville, NJ,
looking west at the Delaware River

#51 - Lambertville, NJ, 
looking west at the Delaware River

#52 - Route 179 bridge crossing the
Delaware River, linking the towns of
Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA

#53 - Delaware River and the
Route 179 Bridge, looking south

#54 - New Hope, PA (lower)
and Lambertville, NJ (upper)

#55 - New Hope and Ivyland Railroad
in New Hope, NJ

#56 - New Hope and Ivyland Railroad

#57 - New Hope's town center and
the Route 179 bridge over the
Delaware River, looking north

#58 - Traffic usually builds, as seen
here, over the Route 179 bridge
leading into New Hope, PA

#59 - An unusual cluster of trees
and pathways was spotted in this
Hunterdon County, NJ farm field

#60 - A blaze of yellow blooms in
this farm field in Hunterdon County


See you after the next flight...