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Monday, June 25, 2012

From a Flight on Sunday, June 24, 2012...

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A plethora of Summer delights awaits your perusal
with a massive (70) photos of both Central New Jersey
and the Jersey Shore, from Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park.

All photos are arranged in the order they were shot with the first part of my journey taking me directly east from nearly the Delaware river to Sandy Hook.  With a turn south and a descent to 400 feet over the lovely Atlantic ocean, I was cruising at about 130 mph along the Jersey shore.  After reaching Island Beach State Park, I swooped up and turned 180 degrees back north along the shore line where I finally broke it off at Point Pleasant and headed west
to Lakewood airport.

The final part of my journey was a pleasant albeit bumpy flight from Lakewood airport northwest to Round Valley Reservoir in Clinton, New Jersey and back to my home base airport. It was definitely a flight to remember.

I hope you enjoy the view !!!


#1 - Beaver Brook Country Club in Annandale

#2 - Carnival at the Immaculate Conception
Church in Annandale

#3 - An array of earth moving equipment
near Somerville


#4 - Two corporate office buildings along
Route 22 near Somerville

#5 - The same two corporate office buildings
along Route 22 in Somerville


#6 - Raritan Valley Country Club
in Bridgewater

#7 - Solar field near New Brunswick

#8 - US Route 1 as it crosses the
Raritan River in New Brunswick

#9 - Abandoned warehouse with a
decrepit roof in Edison

#10 - The Garden State Parkway and
Route 9 crossing the Raritan River
near Perth Amboy

#11 - Many boats to navigate around
as this ship makes its way
through Raritan Bay

#12 - New Jersey Transit passenger train
headed south towards Bay Head

#13 - Keansburg amusement area with a
new fishing pier jutting out into
the Raritan Bay

#14 - Runaway Rapids water park
in Keansburg

#15 - The Verrazano Bridge with Manhattan
and the new Freedom Tower in the distance

#16 - The "Pitch Fork" of the Raritan Bay
is really a network of shipping piers which
are part of the Naval Weapons Station - Earle

#17 - A pavilion and beach access area on Sandy Hook

#18 - Seagull's Nest restaurant and
beach access area on Sandy Hook

#19 - Beach goers line-up at the toll booths
as they enter Sandy Hook National Park

#20 - A high-rise condo building overlooking
Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook
in Atlantic Highlands

#21 - Twin Lights Lighthouse historic landmark
in Atlantic Highlands

#22 - A yacht moored in Rumson

#23 - Impressive looking residencies and
shopping area along the Jersey Shore




#27 - North end of Asbury Park boardwalk

#28 - Asbury Park boardwalk and Convention Hall

#29 - Southern end of Asbury Park boardwalk
with vacant pad of the famous Casino

#30 - Continuing my flight at about
300 feet over the Atlantic Ocean;
The black smear is the airplane's propeller

#31 - This long, narrow lake marks
the beginning of the northern
section of Ocean Grove

#32 - Avon-by-the-Sea (right) and
Belmar (left) make for a picturesque
inlet crossing

#33 - Volleyball competitions on the sand

#34 - Impressive looking hotel along
the Jersey Shore near Spring Lake

#35 - Point Pleasant Parasail operations

#36 - Manasquan Inlet with
Point Pleasant on the left

#37 - Point Pleasant and a crowded
Jenkinsons Beach already at only 10AM

#38 - Jenkinsons amusement park
in Point Pleasant

#39 - Just one of the many residencies
along the Jersey Shore

#40 - Bay Head is where the NJ Transit
passenger trains turn around and head
north again on their journey to Newark;
Bay Head is also a depot

#41 - Ocean Beach area in Lavallette

#42 - Ocean Beach area in Lavallette

#43 - Chadwick Beach area in Lavallette

#44 - Chadwick Beach area in Lavallette

#45 - Casino Pier in Seaside Heights

#46 - Seaside Heights boardwalk and
the Mid-Way Steak House (yellow roof)

#47 - Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights

#48 - Continuing south at about 600 feet,
I can see the start of Island Beach
State Park

#49 - Island Beach State Park's distinct
separation between Seaside Park
and towns north



#52 - This is where I swooped up and
back around for my flight north along
The Jersey Shore

#53 - Just look at the distinct line between
the urban Seaside Park/Heights area and
the entrance to idyllic Island Beach State Park

#54 - Again, more parasailing off of
Point Pleasant beach...

#55 - Two folks are enjoying their own
"flight" above the ocean, just as I am

#56 - It was here, the Manasquan inlet
(looking south) where I climbed and
turned westward towards Lakewood airport

#57 - The sprawling Metedeconk National Golf Club
in Jackson, NJ

#58 - Tree nursery near Upper Freehold
township NJ

#59 - Pine-dotted property in Upper Freehold
township NJ

#60 - Fence-lined horse farm in Upper Freehold
township NJ

#61 - Tree/Shrub nursery near
Perrineville, NJ

#62 - A colorful tree nursery near
Perrineville, NJ

#63 - Construction continues on the
New Jersey Turnpike (looking south)

#64 - Construction continues on the
New Jersey Turnpike (looking south)

#65 - A sprawling Solar Field near Cranbury

#66 - Tree-lined streets in this picturesque
housing complex near Plainsboro

#67 - Home and tree/shrub nursery
with encroaching neighbors

#68 - Route 1 (looking south)
near Princeton

#69 - A personal palace under construction;
this one near Whitehouse Station

#70 - And finally back to my starting point
near the Carnival in Annandale


See you after the next flight...