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Monday, June 10, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, June 9, 2013...

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Finally, an enjoyable late Spring flight along the Jersey shore
and over central New Jersey after six long weeks.  I shot many views
of Seaside Heights and the Jersey Shore from Asbury Park to
Island Beach State Park, and also of Six Flags Great Adventure.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...


#1 - All twelve lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike
crossing the Raritan river

#2 - Flooded farm fields near Jamesburg

#3 - Brilliant blooms near Perrineville

#4 - Expansive tree nursery near Perrineville

The following (3) photos are of Hurricane Harbor Water Park
at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.
Note the newest slide for the 2013 season is the
Big Wave Racer, seen clearly in the center of photo #7.




#8 - An overview of Great Adventure
theme park and Safari (looking east)

The next (5) photos show the new Safari Off Road Adventure,
where guests board large, open-air vehicles and driven over
rugged terrain for an up-close encounter with the animals.
And built in the center of the Safari grounds at the
highest point is Camp Aventura, where guests can get
up close and personal with some of the animals.

#9 - Camp Aventura

#10 - Only part of the expansive Safari grounds,
shown with Camp Aventura

#11 - Camp Aventura is open but not yet fully completed

These next (2) photos show the open air vehicle loading area
and waiting line queue for the new Safari Off-Road Adventure,
located within the Great Adventure Theme Park.
Safari admission is now INCLUDED with theme park admission,
and you can no longer drive your own car through.
Waiting queues are long, as seen in the photos.




#14 - St. Vladimir Memorial Church in Jackson

#15 - Miller airpark in Toms River
(note construction of a new cross runway)

#16 - Taxiing by, we noticed an aircraft that
looked to be in rough condition at Miller airpark

#17 - A lone intersection in the middle of nowhere

#18 - This same lone intersection,
with a traffic light, no less (near Toms River)

#19 - Excavation area south of Toms River

#20 - Island Beach State Park (looking south)

#21 - Entrance to Island Beach State Park
with Seaside Park/Heights to the north
These next  (14) photos show Seaside Heights and its
newly rebuilt Boardwalk.  Note that both
Casino and Funtown piers are still under
re-construction and not scheduled to
open until Summer of 2014.

#22 - Funtown pier

#23 - New boardwalk

#24 - New boardwalk and the
Mid-Way Steak House (yellow roof)

#25 - New boardwalk

#26 - Casino Pier under re-construction
(look at all of that fresh lumber)

#27 - Casino Pier

#28 - Casino pier and water park

#29 - Casino Pier

#30 - New boardwalk and beach

#31 - Funtown Pier

#32 - An overview of Seaside Heights
(looking northeast)

#33 - Northern portion of the boardwalk

#34 - More fresh planks of the
re-constructed boardwalk

#35 - The northernmost point of
the Seaside Heights boardwalk
nearing completion

These next (21) photos show the devastation
of mainly private homes from Ortley Beach to
Point Pleasant.  If you're a home owner in this area,
some of these photos may be disturbing to view,
and I apologize in advance.














#49 - Notice the new sandy sea wall
created to protect these homes, once rebuilt


#51 - Mantloking bridge where the
Ocean breach occurred


#53 - This is where the ocean breached
the land straight through to the
Barnegat Bay.  Though rebuilt, it lacks
the many homes that once populated this area




These next (4) photos show the ever popular Point Pleasant.
And with Seaside Heights amusements temporarily
out of commission until the piers are re-constructed,
Point Pleasant is more crowded than ever,
with plenty of rides open.


#58 - Jenkinson's


#60 - I'm guessing this is some sort
of a giant sand castle under construction


#61 - Sea Girt National Guard
Training Center and Museum

#62 - Some kind of Food Festival
at Silver Lake in Belmar

#63 - Silver Lake in Belmar

#64 - Ocean Grove

#65 - The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove

#66 - The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove

#67 - Ocean Grove

#68 - The NEW Asbury Park boardwalk

#69 - Areas of Sandy's aftermath
being rebuilt near Long Branch

#70 - Hey, an airplane like ours,
only this one is towing
an advertising banner
(out of sight to the left)

These next (2) photos show an impressive
estate home near Colts Neck



These next (4) photos show some
opulent homes near East Freehold.





#77 - Looks to be a park of some sorts
near East Freehold

#78 - The Universal Peace Pagoda
in Manalapan


See you after the next flight...