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Friday, August 19, 2011

From a Flight on Wednesday, August 17, 2011...

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The purpose of this flight was to spend the afternoon motor-biking
around Cape May, New Jersey, with our motorized, folding Dahon bikes
that we stow in the back of the aircraft with the rear seats removed.
All but the last photo was shot in the morning on the flight to Cape May,
and all photos were shot within the state of NJ.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above !!!

#1 - A private residence nestled in the trees

#2 - Auto auction near Bordentown

#3 - Mobile home park near Bordentown

#4 - Route 206 & Route 70 traffic circle

#5 - Roads and rails to nowhere...
Actually, they head straight east
to Atlantic City

In these next (2) photos, marsh meets Delaware Bay
nearby the Cape May area



Cape May / Lewes Ferry terminal just north of
Cape May in these next (2) photos



#10 - Concrete military bunker at the southernmost
tip of New Jersey (Cape May)

These next (5) photos show Cape May, from the older Victorian
style homes to the more modern hotels and resorts that line the shore






These next (5) photos are of Wildwood amusement areas,
including the beach where you must walk for what seems like
an eternity just to get to the ocean. Really, out of all of the beaches
in New Jersey, Wildwood has the widest, with the most distance
to cover from boardwalk to ocean







#21 - Condos / Townhouses just
outside of Wildwood

#22 - A flooded area of homes adjacent
to a bridge leading to Wildwood

#23 - Prison west of the New Jersey
Turnpike near Bordentown


See you after the next flight...