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Sunday, February 17, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, February 10, 2013...

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It was a splendid day for flying and taking in the beauty
of the wintry terrain of northern and central New Jersey.
I hope you enjoy the many views I have captured
on this wintry, snow-covered day in the Garden State.

As always, I hope you've enjoyed the view from above !!!


Round Valley reservoir
(looking northeast)

Route 31 midway between
Flemington and Clinton

Valley west of Sourland
Mountain, looking northeast
New Brunswick (looking northeast)
with Manhattan and the new
Freedom Tower poking its way up
through the layer of grey smog

Route 1 and the northeast
corridor rail line south
of New Brunswick

 These next (3) photos show what Raceway Park
in Englishtown is used for vehicular storage during
the off-season...Notice the adjacent Old Bridge airport 



A winding Delaware-Raritan
canal paralleling River road,
just north of Princeton

The new Route 206 bypass in
Hillsborough nearing completion

Intricate and massive housing
development in Hillsborough

Endless farm fields (looking southwest)
from Readington
Campground at the east end of
Round Valley reservoir near Clinton

West end of Round Valley
reservoir (looking southwest)
near Clinton

Custom Alloy corporation
nestled in the hills of High Bridge

 These next (5) photos are of Spruce Run reservoir
just north of Clinton.  Notice the intricate and
unusual patterns that were formed in the icy surface.


 This view is looking southeast
at Round Valley reservoir in
the far distance

Windswept snowy fields near Stewartsville


Architects Golf Club in
Lopatcong (looking west)

A wedge section of pines in
the southwest corner of the
Merrill Creek reservoir property

Downed trees near Merrill Creek
reservoir, remnants of hurricane
Sandy's devastation

 This section of Merrill Creek is a
Bald Eagle reservation, though now
it's devastated thanks to hurricane Sandy


 A massive flock of birds "floating"
over Merrill Creek reservoir


Snow-covered corn maze
near Hackettstown

Washington (looking northwest)

Washington center

Neat building complex
in Hackettstown

M&M / Mars plant in Hackettstown
with their adjacent Solar farm

Massive townhouse complex
east of Hackettstown


The above two pictures show the
transformation of the Netcong
traffic circle into a massive, light
 signal-controlled intersection
Corporation in Landing
surrounded by solar panels

High Bridge Hills Golf Course

 These (4) photos are of Spruce Run reservoir
once again, with the last (2) showing
the close proximity to Round Valley Reservoir
in the distance (looking southeast)



See you after the next flight...