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Thursday, August 29, 2013

From a Flight on Sunday, August 25, 2013...

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This flight takes us high above the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area at an altitude of 8,000 feet.  The day was sunny, the sky cloud-free and my camera batteries fully charged, as well as my spirit for this flight.  The New York City skyline quickly came into view as well as the myriad of other visual delights that crossed paths with my camera's lens.  Among the photographed areas are the new Freedom Tower and Reflecting Pools where the Twin Towers once stood, a testament to the resilience of America.  Today's flight was a special one with a bountiful reward of photography that I am proud to share with the world.

As always, I hope you enjoy the view from above...


#1 - Corporate offices on route 206 north,
Peapack-Gladstone, NJ

#2 - Saint Barnabas Medical Center,
Livingston, NJ

#3 - Newark International airport,
Newark, NJ

#4 - City of Newark, NJ
(looking northwest)

#5 - City of Newark, NJ (looking northwest)

#6 - New Jersey Performing
Arts Center (NJPAC), Newark, NJ

#7 - New Jersey Institute of Technology
(NJIT), Newark, NJ

#8 - City of Newark, a new sports stadium
and Newark International
airport (looking south)

#9 - Southern portion of Branch Brook
Park, Newark, NJ

#10 - Passaic river with route 21 (right side)
flowing into the Newark, NJ area

#11 - Route 3 bridge replacement
construction intersecting route 21,
Rutherford-Lyndhurst, NJ

#12 - Southern end of route 17,
Rutherford, NJ as it
approaches the meadows

#13 - Meadowlands Sports Complex,
East Rutherford, NJ

#14 - MetLife stadium
(Meadowlands Sports Complex),
East Rutherford, NJ

#15 - Teterboro airport, Teterboro, NJ

#16 - Numerous corporate jets
on the tarmac at Teterboro
airport, Teterboro, NJ

#17 - Passaic river winding
its’ way south with route 21 alongside

#18 - This industrial park in
Moonachie, NJ, looks like a tiled floor
(just south of Teterboro airport)

#19 - George Washington bridge
crossing the Hudson river at
Fort Lee, NJ and New York City, NY

#20 - Fort Washington Park,
New York City, NY

#21 - Bridge over the Harlem river;
Intersection of I-95, I-87 and
route 1 in Bronx-Harlem, NY

#22 - Manhattan Island, NY (looking south)

#23 - Central Park within Manhattan
Island, NY (looking southwest)

#24 - Airliner (near the center)
over the Bronx, NY

#25 - Bronx, NY, with Hudson river and
Mosholu Golf Course in the distance

#26 - Rikers Island, New York City’s
main jail complex, adjacent to
LaGuardia airport, Flushing, NY

#27 - Rikers Island, NY

#28 - Close-up view of
LaGuardia airport, Flushing, NY

#29 - Airliner taking-off of from
LaGuardia airport, Flushing, NY

#30 - LaGuardia airport
(looking northeast), Flushing, NY

#31 - Areas of Elmhurst
and Jackson Heights, NY

#32 - Roosevelt Island within
the East river, NY

#33 - Mid-town Manhattan, NY
(circular building is Madison Square Garden)

#34 - New Freedom Tower adjacent
to the Reflecting Pools, where the
Twin Towers once stood

#35 - Finishing touches to the
observation area of the new
Freedom Tower are being completed

#36 - Manhattan Island, NY,
the Hudson river and
New Jersey (looking north)

#37 - Lower Manhattan and
Battery Park, NY

#38 - Freedom Tower and
Reflecting Pools, Manhattan, NY

#39 - Freedom Tower and
Reflecting Pools, Manhattan, NY

#40 - Freedom Tower and
Reflecting Pools, Manhattan, NY

#41 - South Street Seaport
Historic District, along the
East river, Manhattan, NY

#42 - Battery Park and the
Staten Island ferry terminal,
lower Manhattan, NY

#43 - Governor’s island, NY

#44 - Ellis Island of New York
and New Jersey

#45 - Liberty Island, NY, and
the Statue of Liberty

#46 - Southernmost section of
Central Park in Manhattan, NY

#47 - Typical style of high-rise
buildings in mid-town Manhattan, NY

#48 - Major high-rise building area
in mid-town Manhattan, NY

#49 - Empire State Building
in mid-town Manhattan, NY

#50 - Observation deck of the
Empire State Building in
mid-town Manhattan, NY

#51 - Chrysler building in
mid-town Manhattan, NY

#52 - Manhattan Island, NY,
looking south at Upper
New York Bay and the
Verrazano-Narrows bridge

#53 - Airliner on final approach to
Newark International airport over
exit 16 of the NJ Turnpike,
East Rutherford, NJ

#54 - IZOD Center sports arena
at the Meadowlands Sports Complex,
East Rutherford, NJ;
Note that the structures surrounding the
IZOD Center are part of the 
American Dream Meadowlands,
which is still in limbo and not yet
open to the public

#55 - City of Patterson, NJ,
with the Passaic river looping
around the northernmost section

#56 - A mind-boggling array of
closely-packed dwellings
in Patterson, NJ

#57 - The Great Swamp
National Wildlife Refuge
in Morris County, NJ

#58 - Impressive and professionally
landscaped park-like property
surrounds this lovely home
near Bernardsville, NJ

See you after the next flight...